Will Micro-Housing Help or Hurt Cost of Living?

My opinion: The new wave of people obsessed with micro-housing will ultimately raise the cost of living, not lower it. As buildings get sliced and diced into smaller and smaller units, the cost will not be cut proportionately. Thus, a current 1200 sqft home going for $1500/mo sliced into 3 400 sqft microhomes will not be leased out at $500 each, but $800 – $900. Then, those seeking a 1200 sq ft home will no longer be able to find one at $1500, because why should a landlord lease out 1200 sq ft for $1500 when he could get $2400 by slicing it into 3 smaller spaces? McMansions are embarrassing wastes of space, but I do not think micro-housing is the answer, either.

The better answer is to find the right size for what your needs are. You do not want a house that is bigger than what you need, where much of the space gets wasted. But you also want to be able to do the kinds of things you want to do. Do you envision having your family over for holidays? Better re-think that 400 square foot home. Enjoy outdoor activities? Skiing? Canoeing? Better add storage costs to your budget if you are not going to invest in a home with appropriate storage.

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